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All Spectus Gas/Electric Igniters have been developed by Spectus, and they are based upon the naturally aspirated design favoured by the Central Electricity Generating Board and attributed to Leeson, Brookes et al. They are manufactured by Spectus and the Company has contributed both spark technology and pioneered the use of gutters in their contemporary designs for these igniters. All of these igniters are highly efficient and consume only small amounts of gas for successful ignition of the main flame.

Product Reference: Type GE5
Product Description:

The original design which still holds its own. Its unique feature is that it has a separate HT transformer to provide 8kV to its spark generator. The spark generator uses a classic Lodge connection and an HT cable to connect the HT transformer to the igniter. Gas consumption is less than 1 gramme/second and ignition is achieved in less than 4 seconds. The type GE5 Includes a Spectus "Gutter" and a classic CEGB Flame holder.

Type GE5 Igniter Igniter Flameholder
Product Reference: Type GE8
Product Description:

The type GE8 is identical in all respects to the type GE5 except that the HT coil (designed and manufactured by Igniters Ltd) is integrated into the igniter. The advantage of this arrangement is that rather than connecting an 8kV cable between the remote transformer and the igniter, a low tension cable only is required to connect supply to the integrated transformer: This has advantages in terms of EMC protection as well as cost.

Type GE8 Igniter
Product Reference: Type GE8EX
Product Description:

This is a design identical in all respects to the GE8 but with a protected transformer to conform to ATEX hazardous area specifications for use on gas fired installations.

Type GE8EX Igniter


  • High Temperature Flame holder for operation up to 1,000 degrees Celsius.
  • High Efficiency Gas feeder, less than 5 grammes/ignition.
  • Ceramic insulation for the Electrode.
  • Genuine Spectus Gutter - Site Specific.
  • Lodge Spark generator.
  • Genuine "Igniters Ltd" Integrated Transformers.
  • Heavy duty cable 2m length with connector.
  • Custom built to site specific installation.
  • Built in Flame Rectification Detection (FRD) for the GE8 and GE8EX Types.
Sight Tube Sight Tube Installed
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