Flame Monitoring Systems

Spectus first introduced its Type FM1 flame monitoring system in 1969, when it deployed a UV detector unit which used a phototube and relays.

This first mark was superseded in 1978 by our Type FM2 which continued the use of UV phototubes but introduced solid state electronic components and was capable of improved discrimination between burners and their environment, 30 years on many are still in use and supported by Spectus. In 1982 Spectus introduced a digital burner management system and imported that technology into its flame monitoring systems adopting both UV and IR photocells, the latter first used by Spectus in 1991 for monitoring coal flames. Although, we continue to support our established flame monitoring systems FM2 through FM9 we are proud to list and describe below, our current Marks of FM10a2, TrueScan and multi-channel ISFM.

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Flame Monitoring Products

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