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Spectus liquid fuel burners first went into commercial service in 1969 at Marchwood Power Station with load carrying oil burners firing Bunker 'C' residual fuel oil, and at Drakelow Power Station with light-up oil burners firing blended fuel oil.

Both power stations only committed to Spectus after extensive performance trials, and subsequently stayed with Spectus for the remainder of their operational life a combined total of more than 50 years. At Marchwood, Spectus were the first manufacturer anywhere to operate oil burners in a controlled and recorded trial to achieve continuous firing at excess oxygen down to 0.4 %, with no trace of CO and at the same time achieving the specified particulate carryover. At Drakelow, Spectus demonstrated for the first time light-up oil burners fitted with independent combustion air fans, and calibrated fuel injectors matched to those fans, with the benefit that corrosive and harmful carryover into the air heaters and back end of the boilers was eliminated. Since that time Spectus has supplied thousands of Burners all over the world. In 1993 at Tsing Yi Power Station, Spectus demonstrated in controlled and recorded trials reduction of NOX to 220 ppm firing Bunker 'C' without resorting to expensive boiler modifications such as fitting overburn and firing sub-stoichiometric. Based upon our long pedigree of Excellence in Combustion, Spectus is proud to offer oil burner products which match the best in the world. To review our products click on the "burner products" button below or "log in" for more information about Combustion issues.

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