Liquid Fuel Oil Burner Products

All Spectus Burner Products are designed, developed and built in house, and the Company places emphasis on Safety, Quality and Customer Satisfaction. All Spectus liquid fuel Oil Burners are customised and site specific, they are offered stand alone or complete with BMS, Flame Monitor Systems, and igniters.

The Company conforms to practices based upon ISO 9001 Quality, ISO14001 Environment, and 18001 H&S. It is in the process of accreditation for ISO 9001.

Product Reference: Mechanical Atomisers
Product Description:

Mechanical Atomisers Include three atomiser series, which are 'A' series, 'B' series and Type 6, with discharge rates in the range 500kg/h to 3,500kg/h and rated for supply pressures up to 7 mPa. These atomisers have a unique and original swirl plate designed by Spectus and copied by many.

Mechanical Atomiser Swirl Plate
Product Reference: Two Fluid Atomisers
Product Description:

Spectus Two Fluid Atomisers include 'F' jet and Spectus 2F series, with discharge rates in the range 500kg/h to 5,000kg/h and rated for dry steam supply pressures up to 1 mPa, and liquid fuel supply pressure up to 3 mPa..

F Jet Atomiser Type 2F Atomiser F Jet Atomiser
Product Reference: Tip Valves
Product Description:

Tip Valves operate in conjunction with Mechanical Atomisers and include 3 Tip Valve series, Types A series, and B series, which are guaranteed for 4 years service, and our No. 6 replacement series.

Tip Valve Internals of Tip Valve
Product Reference: Changeover Valves
Product Description:

Spectus build a range of Changeover Valves, which are designated types 1AB, 1BB, 'E' through 'H' series, and designed to complement our mechanical atomisers and tip valve series. they are rated for working pressures up to 7 mPa, and discharge rates up to 3,500 kg/h.

1 AB Changeover Valve Type E Changeover Valve
Product Reference: Automatic Safety Mechanical Interlock
Product Description:

This is a safety device designed by Spectus, which uses a gearbox driven off the same hand wheel that disconnects the fuel injector so that; "it shall be double isolated, and it shall not be possible to remove a fuel injector from the firing position without first disconnecting the fuel supply, nor shall it be possible to re-connect the fuel supply without first inserting the fuel injector to the firing position." This design is totally enclosed in a gearbox assembly and cannot be interfered with.

Automatic Interlock Automatic Interlock with Injector Withdrawn
Product Reference: Manual Safety Mechanical Interlock
Product Description:

This is a lower cost interlock designed by Spectus to comply with the safety feature specified above for the Automatic Safety Mechanical Interlock; it differs from the automatic version because the isolation is manual and separated from the hand wheel that disconnects the fuel injector.

Manual Safety Interlock Manual Saftey Interlock with Injector withdrawn
Product Reference: Fuel Injectors
Product Description:

Spectus manufacture several types of Fluid Injector built from sub-assemblies of different products listed here. Including tip shut-off valves, pressure jet and two fluid atomisers, and changeover valves, as well as automatic and manual safety interlocks. Plus, we build Fluid Injectors for tilting burners, as supplied for tangential fired boilers. It is necessary to customise our Fluid Injectors for site specific locations and to review our product options please click on "Contact Us" and complete a consultation form.

Fuel Injector Type 4PJ Fuel Injector Type 1BC
Product Reference: Light-up Oil Burners
Product Description:

Spectus Light-up Oil Burners are supplied with independent combustion air supply matched to fuel flow and rated for firing between 500kg/h and 1,500 kg/h liquid fuel oil. To review our product options please click on "Contact Us" and complete a consultation form.

Light-up Burner Assembly Light Up Oil Burner Light Up Oil Burner
Product Reference: Load Carrying Oil Burners
Product Description:

Spectus Load Carrying Oil Burners are custom designed for firing rates between 600 kg/h and 5,000 kg/h. They have built in Pitot rakes to balance the air supply between burners in a common windbox. To review our product options please click on "Contact Us" and complete a consultation form.

Burner Side Elevation Drawing Load Carrying Oil Burner Load Carrying Oil Burner
Product Reference: Calibration and Test Facilities
Product Description:

Spectus design and custom build fluid injector system "Calibration and Test Facilities" for our complete range of "Fluid Injectors", and maintain "in works" our own facilities for point of reference. To ensure consistency and close toleranced calibration the Company maintains a complete set of reference atomisers, and all calibration is set against dead weight calibration procedures; Budenberg pressure gauges are routinely certificated by the manufacturer as well as the installed turbine flow meters. The Company also custom builds hydraulic "Cleaning Facilities" for fluid injectors and Static Pressure Test kits for changeover valve testing. For more information and enquiries concerning these facilities please click on "Contact Us" and complete a consultation form.

Calibration & Test Facility Calibration Test Panel Budenberg Pressure & Temperature Gauges


All Spectus oil burners are customised, and specifications are customer driven or site specific. Appropriately qualified Spectus Engineers are always available to assist with the generation of site specific specifications. Especially, for retrofit where the minimum disturbance to systems existing is essential, for example, to fuel handling and storage systems or Mainframe computer plant management systems. For more information about any of our "Burner Products" please click on "Contact Us" and complete a consultation form.

Spray Chamber Test In Progress Spray Angle
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