Spectus Energy Ltd since 1957 has built a reputation as a leader in the design and manufacture of liquid Fuel Oil Burners and liquid Bio Fuel Burners, which utilise mechanical atomisers, pressure jet atomisers, steam atomisers and tip shut off self cooling fuel injectors. Throughout this same period the Company has achieved a long standing record in the design and manufacture of Burner Management Systems based upon Distributed Control and Flame Monitoring Systems for Liquid Fuels as well as Pulverised and Solid Fuels.

Oil Burners designed and built by Spectus Energy Ltd are sophisticated systems, which rely on precise metering of liquid fuels and combustion air to achieve compliance with stringent environmental legislation in the United States, the UK and other countries. Spectus has also pioneered 'F' jet steam/air atomised oil burners in Australia and the UK as a Power Gen Licensee. Many Spectus Oil Burners have now been in use in Power Stations worldwide for 40 years maintaining full compliance with local environmental needs.

Spectus Energy Ltd has a long tradition in the development, design and manufacture of Flame Monitoring systems for Liquid and Solid Fuels introducing our first Mark in 1969, the development of UVF and IRF digital systems has continued to our current Mark FM10a2, the TrueScan series and our new programmable "Integrated Spectral Flame Management" systems.

Spectus Energy Ltd is proud to have worked over time in partnership with major companies such as Babcock, Doosan, Foster Wheeler and Hitachi worldwide as well as collaborating with Power Generation Utilities in Australia and the UK to design for new build Power Stations at Drax, Tarong, Callide, and Stanwell.

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Spectus Energy Ltd are Proud to announce that the Company has been awarded a Certificate that records our Quality Management Standard conforms to BS EN ISO 9001: 2008.

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